Self-adhesive and static vinyl foils

Gekkofix® is the brand name for self-adhesive foils, self-adhesive window foils and static window foils available in 45cm, 67,5cm, and 90 cm width, and 1,5m, 2m, 5m and 15m roll lengths.
 These high quality vinyl foils are produced on location in the Netherlands by Vénilia Décor. With more than 200 designs and variations, Gekkofix® vinyls are carefully selected and designed according to demands of the market and current trends in the industry.
45 years of experience with own-brand product and successful long term productions for brands such as Alkor Deco, Venilia, Fablon, IXA, Easyfix, etc.are the guarantee of a high quality product.

Gekkofix Self-adhesive foil

Self-adhesive vinyl foil with decorative print in one or multiple colors with emboss. Suitable for use on smooth surfaces, cardboard and finished wood. 

Gekkofix self-adhesive window foil

Vinyl foil with a special adhesive suitable for windows. Transparent and opaque, with or without print and emboss.Suitable for all windows and glass surfaces.

Gekkofix static window foil

Static transparent vinyl foil, printed, with or without emboss. Re-usable, light-fast, easy to apply, easy to remove, easy to clean. Suitable for all windows and glass surfaces. 

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