Vénilia Décor produces high-quality self adhesive decorative laminates under the brand name “Gekkofix®”. Product range includes self adhesive decorative foils, self adhesive window foils and static window foils. Products and designs are carefully selected according to the demands of the market and currant trends in the industry. Foils can be found in more than 200 designs with various emboss and coloring options. There is also the possiblity to produce exclusive designs for customers or to adjust designs per customer wish.

Two types of printing are possible, depending on the quantity of the products. Heliogravure technology for larger and digital print for smaller quantities. Minimum quantity orders gor from 400 square meters in digital and 1200 meters in heliogravure print.

Besides this own-label product, we are also capable of developing and producing private-label products for distributors with own–brand products. Together with our partners, we will operate with a focus on innovation and operational excellence.

45 years of experience with our own-brand product and succesful long term productions for brands such as Alkor Deco, Venilia, Fablon, IXA, Easyfix, etc.are the gurantee of a high quality product.